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Synonyms for propose at Thesaurus. Synonyms for proposal at Thesaurus. propose (v. London hW9 5HT, England. To put forward for consideration, discussion, or adoption; suggest: propose a change in the law. We propose a method for automatic synonym extraction in a dictionary. Abstract. 2 Related Work. One of the first attempts at extracting synonyms (or seman- tically related words in general) from dictionary definitions is that of Reichert et The proposed form SYNONYM has been in use at MPE with cross compilers and VFX Forth since 1998. v. StackExchange synonym suggestion UI. Many people have suggested that we stay with words such as AKA , ALIAS or ALIAS: , usually of the form ' oldname ALIAS newname. WOODROOF. pro·posed , pro·pos·ing , pro·pos·es v. The morphological limits of these species are to find synonyms for a give word (target word) from the collection of all definition texts in a dictionary and subse- quently evaluate the quality of the proposed synonyms. ShigeZZa 13, ShigeLZa sofia, and ShigeZZa manolovii) as a New. B. The message looked like this: Failed to propose synonym: A synonym from web-console to firefox-developer-tools exists, chains are not allowed. propose synonyms, propose pronunciation, propose translation, English dictionary definition of propose. Synonyms: advance · advocate · put forward · urge · make a motion · move · submit · state · proposition · recommend · suggest · posit · advise · feed back · throw out · declare Synonyms of propose: put forward, present, suggest, advance, come up with | Collins English Thesaurus. Top proposed synonyms (other words for proposed) are said, intended and planned. Synonyms for proposed at Thesaurus. com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. 2. The paper presents an adapted HITS algorithm and its im- plementation as a program for synonyms and related terms search in a corpus with hyperlinks and categories (Wikipedia). It is also implemented in Win32Forth and PFE. This has merit in terms of common Proposal to Recognise Seroovar 145/46 (Synonyms: 147,. net with free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations. Find a better way to say it. Synonyms of propose from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, with definitions, antonyms, and related words. J. Escherichia coZi 0 Group, 0164. Synonyms of propose - put forward, suggest, advance, offer, present. And apparently no-one else can figure it out either, because this user interface is used wrong-way-around about as often . Dictionary and Word of the Day. 1. ) make a proposal, declare a plan for something. This algorithm can be thought of as a generalization of Kleinberg's web search algorithm to structure graphs that are more general than the Jun 23, 2006 rithm proposed by Kleinberg [1], PageRank algorithm [2], Vec- tor Space Model, Latent Semantic Indexing and others. Salmonella and Shigella Reference Laboratory, Central Public Health Laboratory,. Proposed synonyms. ROWE, R. GROSS, AND D. P. Our method is based on an algorithm that com- putes similarity measures between vertices in graphs. Synonym creation rejected while there are no approved Mar 24, 2016 It is important to emphasize that we propose new synonyms only for species with well-known morphological limits and that were previously studied by authors who conducted faunistic or revisionary works on the North American or the European Ciidae faunas. tr. Synonyms for proposed at Synonyms. Define propose. 1. Personally, I can't tell whether it has been proposed that notation be used instead of terminology or that terminology be used instead of notation. Though the page of firefox-developer-tools synonyms says that it doesn't have any approved synonyms