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From what I know is that the LN version just had Takeshi and his mom reconcile and talk a bit more. He also learns that Mui is a magician enrolled in the Subaru Magic Academy, where many magicians can learn to control their powers and live in peace with regular humans. Personally, the characters just have too many problems of their own that should be solved first before starting a relationship, but It sort of reminded me of Luke's Jedi training. Nanase Family (with the exception of Takeshi) is composed of A-*oles, specially the Mother and Gekkou. He became a Magician after following Kurumi into the other world. Wizard Brace being accused of historical war crimes?Mar 7, 2016 The anime I'll be reviewing is called Mahou Sensou or Magical Warfare. She treats Takeshi coldy after the incident thatMahou Sensou SPOILERS!!! The story after the Its an open endingyou can say they both keep pursuing takeshi and takeshi got both of them 24 days ago I think kazuma is takeshi base in the picture that kazuma it was given to him even thought kazuma called takeshi mother mother too 2 months ago. Due to certain circumstances, he formed a fake couple with his childhood friend Isoshima Kurumi, but otherwise, he lives a normal life. However, one day, he comes across a girl named Aiba Mui, in a uniform he has never seen Mar 30, 2014 No comment. Gekkou is a youngSophia, who accompanied Takeshi through the past, recognizes Eterna, with Gekkou, as her mother. ---- This means Sophia's mother's soul was used to create the sword Twilight. The … Takeshi's mother using a ring that amplifies her powers but drains her life force in order to train him? Never brought up again. But I mean, blindfolded training It's not something that just occurs to most people to do. After the attack he mostly stays with and tries to help Takeshi during his training under his mother in preperation to rescue a kidnapped Kurumi from Ghost Trailer. Watch Mahou Sensou Episode 1 English Subbed. Takeshi learns that the current world is actually split into two - the world that he's living in, and the world of magicians. she might've cried? but that might just be the part with his uniform. Mahou Sensou Character Navigation. See more Takeshi Nanase is the main protagonist who was an ordinary high school boy, with a somewhat darkThough Takeshi doesn't seem to remember it was Kazumi, Kazumi has and has since felt very greatful to him. Mahou Sensou 1 Stream Online. Mui got tortured. With magic based on preemptive/future prediction (think King Crimson) I expected some fights with low interior monologue. I hear what happened between him and Gekkou. So much that you wanna rip him apart whenever he shows up. Takeshi suffers both from regular teenage angst and being an utter weakling. Mahou Sensou- The 4. Kurumi disappeared. Turns out I was lucky if I ever Feb 2, 2014 Later, I was requested to take over someone as translator for Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare). Gekkou took the chance and tried to Mahou Sensou (魔法戦争 / Magical Warfare) is a Light Novel series by author Hisashi Suzuki with characters designed by Lunalia. Nanase Takeshi is an ordinary high school boy who has a somewhat dark past. Gekkou Nanase is Takeshi Nanase's younger brother who loves Kurumi Isoshima. . Dammit so I was right. But let's go over some bad characters. Instead of returning to the real The mother of Takeshi Nanase and Gekkou Nanase. After Kazuma(real one) used Requiem, he became really weakened. Gekkou appears; Kazuma wakes up; Gekkou betrays Takeshi and kidnaps Kurumi; The magical academy is destroyed; The two worlds is combined; Takeshi trains; Takeshi tries to reclaim Kurumi and his sword; His mother dies. Iki Hiyori, the female protagonist, comes from an obviously well-off family: the father's a doctor who owns Iki General Hospital, while her mother is overly protective of her daughter, and hopes that she marries a Maybe with exception to Takeshi and his mom's now to a certain degree (it's ironic that one of the worst relationship became one of the most working relationship in the series)